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Taiken (Jp: たいけん / 体験) = (an) experience.

What We Do

Taiken Lab is an experience design, marketing and event management consultancy that specialises in creating experiences that cater to the “human interface”* while bridging the digital and physical worlds. We put people at the center of our actions and interact with them by designing behaviours and telling stories that stimulate their actions, emotions and senses.

*human interface: us, people. Not targets but individuals (and communities formed by them) that like to talk to each other, learn through stories, who’s behaviour is influenced by their emotions, curiosity and desire to survive, share, belong… While habits come and go, the human interface has remained rather constant for at least the last five thousand years.


We operate globally. Based in London, UK, we have experience in places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, New York and Tokyo. One of our skills is that we can be deployed wherever you need us.


Founded by Gianfranco Chicco in 2013, Taiken Lab provides strategy, marketing, experience design, event management and training services for events, products, services and cities to clients around the world.

The “lab” assembles and manages internal and external teams for each project, bringing together the necessary skills for each specific assignment.

As a side project, Taiken Lab runs the Digital meets Physical (or DiPhy) Meetup in London, which brings together technologists, creatives and marketers to discuss how to create digital-physical experiences, products and services and share their experiences, storytelling approach, and ideas for doing so.


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